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Experienced. Proven.

Multiple product launches, for mobile, web & consoles, for startups and enterprise, including shomi, Cineplex, eBay, Rogers and McDonalds.


Don't just guess! Focus on data and what your users are telling you to get the perfect product.

Leader. Collaborator.

Inspirational leadership that fosters collaboration. Always ready to get hands-on.


Agile. Versatile.

Agile experience. Never settling for the status quo, always learning, adapting and seeking new challenges.

Technical. Visual. Strategic.

Just the right blend of a New Media/UX background, technical expertise and business pedigree to get things just right.

Listener. Communicator.

Will listen and get at the heart of the issue, and disseminate the right information, at the right time, to the right people.


He is a leader and ensures that projects get done on time and with quality. He’s also a great advocate for user testing and validating assumptions with customers first. All qualities of a great product manager, and a pleasure to work with.

Ann Tebo - Product Management Executive


Ahmed was a highly-regarded partner to my User Experience Design team during his entire tenure at Cineplex. My team benefited from his product leadership and he will definitely be missed. Cineplex’s loss is another organization’s gain and I wish him nothing but the best in all his future adventures!

Deepika Malik - Product & Design Leader


As a Product Manager Ahmed was always able to bring order to the chaos, keep the team focused on backlogs which deliver top priorities, and communicate effectively to business stakeholders and executive management. A great teammate and coach to junior colleagues, I would recommend Ahmed for almost any role!.

Paul Kennedy - Technology Executive


He handles complex scenarios and new challenges without hesitation, and consistently gives it his all. Ahmed is passionate about his products, cares about his colleagues and was a great person to have on the team!

Rina Whittaker - Product Management Leader


Ahmed is the kind of product owner I love working with as a UX Designer. There are hardly any roadblocks that he is not able to resolve for the team. And as far as user experience goes I can always rely on him to get constructive and the most valuable feedback on our designs. His leadership has been of great value to our team and any team will be extremely fortunate to have Ahmed join them.

Sneha Patel - User Experience Designer


I have been nothing short of 'blessed' to have Ahmed as my Reporting Manager. Working closely with him everyday, I was able to learn so many aspects of our business I was unaware of. Not only is Ahmed a great manager but a caring mentor and an excellent team lead who is cognizant of everyone's growth and learning opportunities.

Chintan Parekh - Product Manager